Come and Make It! is a 501c3 nonprofit makerspace

Location: 41109 I-10 West, Boerne TX
Contact Us: info@comeandmakeit.org | 210-201-3315 
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Proudly partnered with Girl with Grit. 


Come and Make It!, “bridging the gap” from “sewing to paint to tools.”  – Boerne Lifestyle Magazine


Come take a class, join a program, or become a member. We are open to the public. 

Please check our Calendar for what is happening right now in the Makerspace.


Anyone can join Come and Make It! for as little as $15 per month. Members get access to demos, materials, tools, equipment, and best of all – a community.


Our goal in 2023 is to offer $60 scholarships to 100 underserved youth in Kendall County monthly. Help us reach our goal.

Only $60

Join today!

For only $60 a month, Makerspace members get open access to the space during our Makerspace Member Time. Need a cheaper plan? Check out our other membership plans. 

What is a makerspace?

Makerspaces are a destination that is becoming the latest tool in community education. They provide space, equipment, and know-how – along with the freedom to try new things.

“Or in other words, providing the space and the materials for project-based, independent, hands-on experience for students”. – Campbell University

Just like two art studios or shops are unique, two makerspaces are unique from each other. They typically reflect the community they are in.

The Come and Make It! Makerspace has a strong emphasis on the arts, trades, STEM, and real life skills such as cooking and hand tools.

Please check our Calendar for what is happening right now in our Makerspace.

Want you learn more about Makerspaces? We suggest starting here.

“A makerspace is a destination where students-sometimes alongside staff, parents, and mentors-can create, problem solve, and develop skills, talents, thinking, and mental rigor.”

Preddy, L.,. (2013). School library makerspaces : Grades 6-12.


Donate Now

Come and Make It! is a 501c3 educational nonprofit located in Kendall County. We serve well over 500 youth monthly through our facility and youth programs.

The CAMIO SCHOLARSHIP FUND stands for “Come and Make It! Organization Scholarship.” This fund is intended to promote accessible hands-on education for underserved youth in Kendall County. This fund will allow a student that can not afford classes to enter ANY program, class, or workshop based on merit and interest over finances.*

*All donations made to CAMIO are used for an anonymous youth but are accounted for confidentially with various agencies or by donor or sponsor request.


Come and Make It! merchandise fund the CAMIO SCHOLARSHIP FUND. This fund is intended to promote accessible hands-on education for underserved youth.

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We are located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country at 41109 I-10 West, Boerne, TX 78006.

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